The "My Childhood" project includes three short films directed by Iryna Pravylo based on stories by writers  from Ukraine, Georgia and Italy.


The events take place in a post-war period, in the mid 20th century.The main characters of the films are 6, 11 and 15 year old boys.We are witnessing how the heroes begin to realize themselves, their calling and destination.

"My childhood" is the first international cinema project , that was presented and successfully funded on two crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and Big Idea. Also it's one of the few Ukrainian movies that was shot on film in recent years.


Three countries, three cultures, three stories, but one childhood




The realization of this international project become really big challenge for young filmmakers from Ukraine. Films of the project creative team carried by own efforts and thanks to the support of individuals during crowdfounding actions. Help us to promote the project!