Decluttering Companies

If you’re looking to get rid of your clutter, there are a number of DECLUTTERING COMPANIES that can help you. Among these are dClutterfly, NY Organized, Horderly and Major Organizers. These companies have a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.


If you’re ready to get rid of your clutter and make your home more organized, dClutterfly is a company you need to try. Founder Tracy Ross has a background in organizing, time management, and TV production, and she uses her experience to help other people declutter their homes. Tracy was 15 when she started dClutterfly, and now the company has become one of Los Angeles’s premier organizing services.

NY Organized

Those who are looking to declutter their homes in New York should look into the many organized decluttering companies in the city. These professionals will work to organize your space and free your mind from clutter. They can help you get organized, while also donating or consigning unwanted items. Additionally, they can help you design a shelving system and hang artwork. Some of these companies offer workshops and speaking engagements as well.

Big Apple Organizers offers closet, office, and home organization solutions to help you find space for what you need. This company is insured and bonded, and has a professional organizer who will work with you to create the perfect organization solution for your home or office. The company also offers a variety of other services, including personal shopping, house sitting, and gift wrapping.


Horderly is a declutter and organizing company that specializes in the organization of residential and business spaces. The company provides unpacking and set-up services as well as educating clients about maintaining organizational systems. They even offer virtual consultations. These professionals create intuitive solutions that maximize space and minimize waste. They can donate and remove unwanted items, and they even offer staging services to make your space look its best.

Horderly helps clients organize their belongings, focusing on keeping only what’s useful. Their approach is simple and straightforward: ‘one in, one out’ – meaning that for every item brought into the home, it must go out. This means that clients don’t have to deal with the hassle of sorting through a mountain of stuff. The goal is to make their homes look and feel clean and free of clutter.

Horderly, a husband-and-wife team, offers smart storage solutions for every room of the home. In addition to its website, the company also has a YouTube channel. The website features tutorials, direct links to products, and a virtual organizing service. Another company that offers stylish organization services is the Tidy Home Nashville. Their account features stylish storage solutions and daily inspiration photos.

Major Organizers

Professional organizing services typically offer a variety of different services. A professional organizer can manage the logistics of your project, develop strategies, and help you create a timetable. In some cases, a professional organizing company will charge a consultation fee. It is important to understand what to expect when hiring a professional organizer.

Some companies offer additional services, such as shopping for storage containers and installing closet storage units. They can also clean and hang window treatments and install shelving. Organizers can even replace furniture if needed. However, these services can be costly. You should be sure to research each service before hiring one. In addition to a consultation, many professional organizers offer a personalized action plan for decluttering.

Pricing varies depending on the area you live in. Professional organizing services are often priced per project or per hour, but their rates can be higher in major cities or more rural areas. The scope of the project and the number of hours required may also influence the cost. An hourly rate of $50 to $60 per hour is common for a larger project. The price will be higher if the job requires more coordination or hands.

The first step to finding a professional organizer is to get quotes. Search online and gather up to three quotes. Then, choose the professional who will best fit your budget and project. Ask them about their portfolio and their references. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to choose the best organizing service.