Make the Most of Messenger Bots

Despite the growing number of messenger bots, there are still several things you can do to make the most of these bots. For one, you can use them to educate your customers about your business. For example, you can send them a quiz asking them to answer questions about your projects and company. This way, you can build brand affinity.

Lululemon’s bot

Lululemon’s bot on Messenger allows customers to chat with a live chat assistant, even after business hours. Before messaging, the company had to process returns manually. Now, customers can use a chatbot to ask questions and share pictures. Lululemon is exploring ways to repurpose interaction time for more valuable conversations, like capturing pictures and data.

The bot can also offer tips on yoga and running, and even give suggestions on shopping. Users can ask qualifying questions to purchase a product, and it displays the details of the item. This bot makes the customer’s experience much more personal and convenient than email or phone calls. Users can even ask questions to get more information about their favorite products. While this may not be as convenient as calling a live chat representative, it can help customers make decisions faster.

Lululemon’s chatbot

The Lululemon chatbot on Messenger offers a variety of options for users, from yoga classes to running tips. It also makes it easy to shop for yoga pants or other workout apparel. Once a user answers a few qualifying questions, the chatbot will display product information and let them purchase. This makes using the chatbot easier than using email or phone calls.

Chatbots are increasingly common in many industries. A recent study from Sephora found that using a chatbot to take reservations boosted average spend by $50! Tommy Hilfiger’s Facebook chatbot increased repeat purchases by 87%. Not all chatbots are the same, however, and they vary in cost and capability. Some are designed to do simple, redundant tasks, while others are designed to perform complex and creative tasks.