Minimalist Organization Tips For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Clutter can get in the way of your grocery shopping list or preparing a meal. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to minimize clutter and make your kitchen a minimalist sanctuary. This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase products through them, I may receive a small commission. However, this commission is at no cost to you.


If you’ve found that clutter is getting in the way of your life, there are some simple methods to declutter and make more space. The “three-box method” suggests that you divide your items into three categories: “keep”, “contemplate,” and “eliminate.” Objects in the “keep” box should have a definite purpose. Items in the “contemplate” box should be kept for at least 30 days before being removed from your home.

First, measure the space in each area. This will help you decide how many bins you need. Remember that just because you have space for a bin doesn’t mean you need one. When you’ve finished measuring, separate the items into piles for the bins.

Second, declutter your kitchen pantry. This area is a common source of clutter in the home. You can donate unused items to a local food pantry to get rid of them. Also, avoid buying food items that you don’t need. In addition, you can organize dry goods using glass jars or plastic containers with labels. Getting rid of mismatched containers without lids is a good way to make more room in your kitchen.

Decluttering your home is a good way to get rid of unnecessary things and free up space in your home. You can also follow the advice of minimalist organizers and try one of their decluttering tips.


Minimalist organizing tips will help you streamline your home and simplify your life. Having fewer things to worry about will mean an organized home, but it will also take some effort on your part to keep everything organized. Watch the video below and learn eight of the most important tips for an organized home. The process shouldn’t be that difficult, but you’ll need to be intentional in your actions.

Start by measuring the area you want to organize. Then, note the number of bins you need. Don’t assume that because a bin is big, it’s the right size. To avoid wasting space, separate items into piles by size. Then, buy bins accordingly.


Minimalism is an aesthetic and design trend that is gaining popularity in interior design and home organization. Its focus on simplicity and functionality creates a relaxing environment. Minimalism encourages you to reduce clutter and get rid of everything that isn’t necessary. Those items that are no longer needed are either given away to others or sent to storage units.

In order to find the right storage solutions for your home, you need to measure your closet and note the size and number of bins you need. Just because you have room for a bin doesn’t mean you need it, so separate items into piles to decide how many bins you will need.

Creating a minimalist wardrobe

The philosophy of minimalism puts the emphasis on quality over quantity. In order to maximize your wardrobe, it’s important to shop intentionally and prioritize needs over wants. Before you purchase a new item, ask yourself these questions: “How do I feel about it?” It’s a simple but powerful trick that will help you cut back on impulse shopping and create a more minimalist wardrobe. Also, revisiting your favorite pieces will help you make better purchases, and implementing the one in, one out rule can help you maintain your minimalist wardrobe.

While building a minimalist capsule wardrobe can be challenging, it is rewarding and can help you become more eco-friendly. When you purchase clothing, pay close attention to the materials used and the seams of the garment. Cheap fabrics are often cheaper, and seams are where the manufacturer cuts corners. Also, choose items that have a lot of versatility. This will save you closet space and allow you to easily put together a variety of outfits.

In addition to choosing fabrics that are made from natural materials, consider investing in pieces that are timeless. A black dress, for example, is a classic minimalist wardrobe staple. It can be worn for many years and will look elegant.

Organizing your fridge

One of the most basic but crucial minimalist organization tips for organizing your fridge is to separate foods by type. For example, uncooked meats should be kept on the bottom shelf while leftovers should be kept in the middle. Also, take note of how many items you have from each food group, such as breads and meats. This information will be useful when purchasing organization products. Lastly, it’s important to remove expired food. Doing a quick sweep of the fridge can save a lot of time.

Another tip for organizing your fridge is to label food categories. This will make it easier for you to identify what you already have and which items you need to buy. According to Ashley Murphy, co-founder of NEAT Method, each food category should have a designated place in the fridge. You should also keep your go-to items at eye level. This way, you can cut down on food waste.

Another minimalist organization tip for organizing your fridge is to arrange foods by height. This will maximize your fridge’s available space and eliminate wasted space. This method will work best with foods that are of the same height. For example, raw meat should not be placed next to cooked ham.

Organizing your closet

If you’re ready to organize your closet, you’ll probably need to make some minimal tweaks. For instance, create a bin or bag for old clothes that you no longer wear. You can donate them to charity, or recycle them to make room for new ones. The Clothing Workbook can help you get started.

The first step toward organizing your closet like a minimalist is to declutter and purge. This will ensure that everything has a place, and it will be easier to find the clothes you need. Once you’ve done this, you can then organize your clothes by type, color, and activity.

Another minimalist organization tip for organizing your closet is to use shelf dividers and bins. These simple devices will make your closet appear more organized and clear up floor space for storage bins. Another space-saving tip is to organize scarves. A scarf rack will keep all of your scarves in one place and free up floor space for other items.

When organizing your closet, try to organize items like shoes and winter clothes in different sections. This will allow you to save space and time while maximizing storage space. If you aren’t sure what should go where, consult a professional organizer. They can provide you with a free consultation at your home.