Things to Do in Taylorsville, NC

The town of Taylorsville is located in Alexander County, North Carolina. It is the county seat of the county and has a population of 2,098. You can visit the town’s Electric Beach Tanning and Hair Attractions, visit AA meetings, and even visit a prison.

Electric Beach Tanning & Hair Attractions

Electric Beach Tanning & Hair Attraction is a full-service salon located in the town of Taylorsville, NC. Electric Beach specializes in all types of tanning services and hair styling. The salon also offers nail and waxing services. A variety of trendy haircuts and styles are available.

Dog parks

Dog lovers in the township of Taylorsville can enjoy a number of off-leash dog parks. Millrace Off-Leash Dog Park is a great place to bring your pooch and spend some quality time together. This park features plenty of space and water features. It also has a separate fenced area for small dogs. Make sure to stay in control of your pet, as this dog park is often quite busy.

To access dog parks in the township of Taylorsville, residents must first register their dogs. Upon registering, they receive a key card, which is valid for a year. Additional key cards cost $10 each, and expired ones will automatically be deactivated. Additionally, residents must pay an additional fee if they have more than two dogs.

The township of Taylorsville offers two off-leash dog parks for pet owners to use. Mountain View Dog Park has a paved walking path, grass and bark chips. It also has a small gated area for small dogs. Dog owners should clean up after their pet before leaving the park.

The John M. Brown Community Center is another option for pet owners who would like to take their pooch to a dog park. This facility is open during certain hours. To get an access card, pet owners can complete the registration form online or visit a community center. To register, owners must upload a copy of their pet’s rabies vaccination record. This record must include the dog’s name, owner’s name, date of expiration, and rabies vaccination.

AA meetings

The township of Taylorsville is home to several Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. These meetings are a safe place for those suffering from alcohol addiction to go to get the support they need to overcome their addiction. They are also free to attend and are funded by the members.

The meetings in Taylorsville are based on the 12-step program, and are faith-based. Each meeting is divided into different types of activities. They can range from daily reflections to book studies to speaker discussions. They also offer opportunities for new members to get paired with a sponsor.

If you are interested in attending an AA meeting in Taylorsville, don’t hesitate to make the initial contact. The people in the group will be happy to help you get sober and stay sober. Simply introduce yourself and accept any assistance offered. You will be glad you did.

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to get sober. The program’s objective is to share personal experience and strength. It’s also open to those who are interested in learning more about recovery. Typically, AA meetings take place in small groups of people. This small group approach allows for a safe and comfortable setting for members to talk about what they’ve been through and what has helped them get sober.

If you want to stop using suboxone, you must taper off the medication over a long period of time. Even then, you still have a chance of relapsing. No one is immune from addiction. Choosing the right recovery method is important. A professional addiction counselor at Amethyst Recovery Center can help you determine the best treatment method.

The township of Taylorsville is home to several notable historical events. Nelson J Walker, a farmer 6 miles north of town, sent his son Christopher to a nearby farm to pick up oats. Christopher was singing when he left the house, but before he reached the field, he tied his halter rein to a small oak tree and swung off.

Visiting a prison

If you are thinking about visiting a prison in the township of Taylorville, you should be aware of the rules before you make your trip. First, you need to fill out a visitor’s application form. Once approved, you can schedule visits during visitation periods. However, you must dress conservatively and avoid bringing your cell phone. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave the prison without visiting.

If you’re planning a visit, make sure you know how to get to the prison. The prison does not cover transportation costs, so you’ll need to arrange your own transportation. You can also call the prison facility and ask for directions. The staff will provide directions and help you find public transportation.

When visiting a prison in the township of Taylorville, you should have proper identification. You must have legal photo ID with you, and you must also go through a background check. You should make sure you don’t have any restraining orders or probation orders against you.

You’ll be able to find the inmate’s name and photo, and you can learn more about their history. The Taylorsville City Jail is a local detention facility that houses local arrestees. There’s a chance to visit the inmate’s family, too.

Visiting a prison in the township is a fascinating experience. The Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville is a medium security jail with around 1180 grown-up male wrongdoers. The prison has 103 structures, fourteen of which are lodging units. The jail also participates in a program called Correctional Businesses, where it uses inmates in its wood furniture manufacturing plant. Its prisoner list is updated regularly and includes their court & arrest records and mugshots.